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e-book “Diálogos com o Som: Música de Câmara” (Dialogues with Sound: Chamber Music). The book is available at the website of the Registration Center (CeR) of the School of Music of the University of the State of Minas Gerais (ESMU/UEMG): (Articles in Portuguese and English)

“Signs, Games & Messages” by Roeland Jaegers

“Running an educational chamber music programme remotely” by Graham Oppenheimer

“Partnership in Music” by Jerzy Marchwinski

Music, the new social media

Simon Rattle: You must begin young

Oliver Sacks: Music and the brain

Music and the brain

Children’s brains, USC study

La Musique est indispensable au cerveau

Music and premature babies

Daniel Levitin’s This is Your Brain

and video

Benefits of Music training for the brain

Music training and children’s learning (Habibi)

Music, Language and the Brain

Brain Activity on Music,b8480315-43b9-b057-a203-9fcde4a85c26

Learning an instrument and the brain


Benefits of Music Education

More benefits of Music Education



Still more benefits of music education (UK)


Benefits in Australia

Music and High School Students

10 Reasons to major in music


Music in Houston Schools: writing and compassion



Ted Talks: Anita Collins

Abreu/El Sistema

Music and paying attention

and the full article:

Chamber music in instrumental pedagogy

Reimer’s Cognitive Philosophy of Music Education: Music Matters

General Benefits of Music Lessons

Music Education in Today’s Society

Benefits to Learning through Music Lessons

Learning an instrument and child development (see next entry)

Original article in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Music and Language

Music and Language Learning

General Benefits of Music Education

Longtime Benefits of Early Music Lessons

10 Transferable Skills from Arts Education

12 Benefits of Music Education

Music and Empathy

Music Education Funding in the UK

Marching Band as a Lifeline

Harmony Project (Los Angeles): Neurobiology study of Music Education Benefits

Music education and children’s mental health

Music Education in Philadelphia

Classical Music and Concentration

Classical Music and Listening Skills in Infants

Music and Reading in Pre-school Children

Music and Bereavement in Children

Music and School Life Quality in Finland

Music and Learning Improvement

How neuroscience can help music learning

Music and Success

Music and Rocket Scientist

Music and Child Behaviour…/childs-behaviour-can-improve-…

Music Study and Enhanced Learning

Music Programme in Acapulco, Mexico

Music in the Swiss Constitution (Fr.)

Music Therapy as a growing profession

Musica Viva schools project


Robert Wilson: Why art matters

Arts connects to School

Arts and Cities Emotional and Social benefits of art

Emotional and Social benefits of art


Why Cities need artists


Arts and Pittsbugh

Dr Tronick Meaning Making and the Still Face Experiment

In support of arts education

What business leaders learn from orchestras

Music and health