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Call for candidates!

Call for candidates!

Deadline 31 March 2022!

There will be elections for Chairman and the Board of the ECMTA at the Annual Meeting in Tallinn at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on April 30 2022.
All Members in good standing are eligible to run for office.
Interested candidates are invited to submit a brief biography (500 words maximum) and a short statement (500 words maximum). Each candidate will then be given a forum to speak at the Annual Meeting before the elections take place.
In order to provide timely information to members, we ask that submissions be sent by March 31. Nevertheless, candidates are eligible up to the date of the elections.
Submissions should be sent to:
Reminder: the ECMTA is currently an entirely member-driven association. Candidates for Chairman are encouraged to consider the importance of communication and technical support. Candidates for the Board should also be interested in collaboration and willing to bring ideas and skills to the projects of the association.

Note: Do remember that although we established a deadline in order to facilitate the organization of the elections, the rules of the association allow for nominations up to the time of the elections.

Reminder from the rules of the association:

  1. The Association may accept as Members both private individuals (Individual Members) and music education institutions or similar national organisations that are corporate bodies, domiciled or operating in Europe and providing training in the field, the latter hereinafter referred to in these By-Laws as Corporate Members. The Association may further accept as Members chamber ensembles with 2 to 5 members which are corporate bodies and which demonstrably engage in teaching activities; these are hereinafter referred to in these By-Laws as Chamber Ensemble Members.
    At meetings of the Association, the voting rights of a Corporate Member or Chamber Ensemble Member shall be exercised by a representative appointed by that organisation.
    A private individual or corporate body wishing to support the purpose and operations of the Association may be accepted as a Contributing Member.
  2. At general meetings of the Association, each Individual Member shall have one (1) vote, each Chamber Ensemble Member shall have two (2) votes and each Corporate Member shall have three (3) votes. The representative of a Corporate or Chamber Ensemble Member may not assign their right of representation to any other party. Contributing Members shall have the right to attend and speak at general meetings.